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  • Women's World Record 2014
    Starts: October 12th
    Ends: October 18th
    Location: Perris, CA
    Registration Status:
    OPEN (2014-01-20)
  • Men's World Record 2014
    Starts: October 14th
    Ends: October 18th
    Location: Perris, CA
    Registration Status:
    OPEN (2014-01-20)

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>> Women's World Record--UPDATE!
  The good news is that the level of the women who have applied and been accepted to this event is amazingly high--better than any women's event we've ever seen and rivaling even top level "mixed" events. This group is amazing! The not-so-good news is that as of today, just under four months out from the event, our subscription numbers are low - low enough to cause concern that we might have difficulty in making the planned number of 200. While a hard push in the next four months could possibly bring us to our goal numbers, we fear that the skill level might be decreased so we've made a difficult but exciting decision. We've decided to change the direction of this event from a record in largest formation to a record in sequential. Not just a women's sequential record (although it will be 100% women) but we're going to break the 'open' sequential record (currently 110 way, 2 points)! This will not only give the participants a FAI recognized World Record in Sequential (overall) but the same jumps will also give a World Record in Sequential (women). Two records! While the overall sequential record will no doubt be broken in future events the women's record will remain on the books for quite some time. This will still be a FAI WORLD RECORD. For further details click here.

>> Announcing the Women's World Record 2014 Raffle Fundraiser!
  Ladies, you are invited to sell raffle tickets to cover your WWR event fees and expenses! This fundraiser is a sponsored effort to raise financial assistance for participants of the Women's World Record 2014. Funds raised will help these women cover the significant costs to attend this event - including travel expenses, Women's World Record event fees and preparatory event fees. Confirmed participants of the event, as well as those being seriously considered by the selection team, are invited to sell raffle tickets for $20 USD (or equivalent currency). There are 2 incredible Grand Prizes and 8 Square One Runner-Up Prize Packages, so a total of 10 winning tickets will be drawn during the Women’s World Record Event. Ticket sales will be administered online and the raffle is open to residents of all countries. For further details click here!

>> 16-60 Way Sequential Event replaces September 2014 camps!
  A mostly weathered February 16-60 Way Sequential Event left some unfinished business here at Perris. So, we've decided to REMOVE the September 2014 Big Way Camp and 100-Way Camp and REPLACE it with a rescheduled 16-60 Way Sequential Event Friday, August 29 - Monday, September 1. If you're hungry for something different, like to fly in lots of different slots, and fancy the idea of being a part of sharp, clean sequential jumps and challenging unique formations you certainly don't want to miss this. For those of you looking to warm-up for the October Women's & Men's World Records, this may be your last opportunity. NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS! Apply today!

>> Now Accepting Applications for Women's & Men's World Records!
  October 12-18: Women's World Record
October 14-18: Men's World Record
Whether you’re an existing World Record holder or just getting your feet wet in large formation skydiving, a coveted slot on these events is within your grasp. Our P3 coaches will be evaluating applicants at various events throughout the 2014 season to fill these slots so there is ample time to qualify. Skydivers of all nations are welcome to apply and the best male & female teams will be selected. Don’t wait, apply today!

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