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We are now accepting applications for the following skydiving events. Apply for any or all listed events by following the application instructions below.

Event Start Date End Date Price
P3 Total Break Sequential Camp (Feb 2022) Feb-24-2022 Feb-27-2022 $1120
P3 Winter Fling (Mar 2022) Mar-3-2022 Mar-6-2022 $1120
SOS 100-Way World Record (April 2022) Apr-7-2022 Apr-10-2022 $1160
P3 Big Way Camp (May 2022) May-5-2022 May-8-2022 $1040
P3 100-Way Camp (May 2022) May-12-2022 May-15-2022 $1160
P3 Spring Fling (May 2022) May-19-2022 May-22-2022 $1120
P3 Power Play (June 2022) Jun-23-2022 Jun-26-2022 $1150
Total Break Sequential 150-Way World Record 2022 Oct-10-2022 Oct-14-2022 TBD

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