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  • P3 Spring Fling (May 2024)
    Starts: May 16th
    Ends: May 19th
    Location: Perris, CA
    Registration Status:
    OPEN (2023-08-23)
  • P3 Power Play (June 2024)
    Starts: June 27th
    Ends: June 30th
    Location: Perris, CA
    Registration Status:
    OPEN (2023-08-26)
  • The Games 2024
    Starts: October 9th
    Ends: October 12th
    Location: Perris, CA
    Registration Status:
    OPEN (2024-01-06)

Above All Else

Events Calendar

Here is what P3 has planned for the coming months!

Dates Event Description

Jun-27-2024 to P3 Power Play (June 2024)
Jun-30-2024 Perris, CA -- P3 invites qualified FS skydivers to join the P3 Team for more of the incredibly challenging and visually exciting jumps that the Power Play is known for!

Oct-9-2024 to The Games 2024
Oct-12-2024 Perris, CA -- P3 welcomes Patrick Passe' back to Skydive Perris for THE GAMES! Picturesque formations, sequential, multi-level builds, all of it. The plan is to do different jumps each day, maybe even two in a day. We'll have several jumps designed, slotted and numbered. We'll put all the numbers in a hat and draw one out. That's the jump we'll do next! Every time we succeed we'll draw a new jump. For quick briefings, the new skydives will be shared within the group via the SKYDIVE DESIGNER app.