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Above All Else

Events Calendar

Here is what P3 has planned for the coming months!

Dates Event Description

May-23-2019 to Australian National Record 2019
Jun-3-2019 Perris, CA -- Following the VERY successful 2010 & 2015 National Record events which resulted in the current 119-way record, P3 has invited our Aussie mates back to Skydive Perris to do it again! If you're an Australian citizen or permanent resident, you don't want to miss this! (And if not... there are a few slots available for non-Aussie superstars. But be warned, for these coveted slots, the competition will be fierce!)

Jun-27-2019 to P3 Power Play (June 2019)
Jun-30-2019 Perris, CA -- P3 invites qualified FS skydivers to join the P3 Team for more of the incredibly challenging and visually exciting jumps that the Power Play is known for!