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Events Calendar

Here is what P3 has planned for the coming months!

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Feb-24-2022 to P3 Total Break Sequential Camp (Feb 2022)
Feb-27-2022 Perris, CA -- In preparation for the Total Break Sequential TBS150 World Record, and due to popular demand, P3 will be hosting another Total Break Sequential "TBS" Camp in February! There is something extra special about TBS jumps that puts them in an entirely different category of "Big Ways". We need to dive fast, stop strong and build the first formation quickly enough that we have time to do a complete break and build another one. We need to be able to fly our slots so well that, with grips or not, we can maintain our position and stay on level. We need to pick up and drop grips and not move. It redefines being solid in your slot and zero-momentum docks. It is SO COOL!! At this camp we're going to practice all of that and more. The jumps will all be from 16,500 ft AGL and no bigger than what can be done with three planes. The minimum skill level necessary to participate is the ability to get to your slot in a reasonable amount of time, to be completely stopped before you dock and to fly safely on break off and under canopy with 60 others. For those who are still hoping to be on the SOS or TBS World Records and other high level events this will be a chance to train the necessary skills and show your stuff. Please join us!!

Mar-3-2022 to P3 Winter Fling (Mar 2022)
Mar-6-2022 Perris, CA -- As we prepare to break a few sequential records in 2022, we thought we'd add to the P3 calendar four days of sequential invitationals -a Mini Spring Fling- which was so popular and incredibly fun last year. This will be another key opportunity for world record candidates to be seen and get a little extra practice doing the intricate, technical sequential transitions. Participants of the preceding TBS Camp are encouraged to apply, but be aware that this invitational event will be a higher skill level than the camp, and applying does not guarantee your acceptance.

Apr-7-2022 to SOS 100-Way World Record (April 2022)
Apr-10-2022 Skydive Perris, CA -- Well, I (Dan BC) never thought I'd be saying this but here it is. I've decided to organize an SOS 100-Way World Record next year!! Three reasons: 1) I'm turning 60 in February. 2) There are so many of us who are in our 60s and 70s and still skydiving and flying great! It needs to be done. 3) There is interest in a documentary about people 60 and older still living life to its fullest and following their passions. Who better to demonstrate that than us and what a great opportunity to show our sport to the world.

May-5-2022 to P3 Big Way Camp (May 2022)
May-8-2022 Perris, CA -- Few things in skydiving are more fun than successfully building large freefall formations with friends from around the world. But too often we don't get the chance to learn to do it right in a safe, challenging, low pressure environment. The P3 Big Way Camp is that chance. If you have 100 jumps and can consistently dock on a 4-way we can teach you what you need to learn next. During the big way camp you'll have the chance to fly many different slots, jump from right and left trail airplanes, track off in teams and fly your canopy with larger groups. The camps are also perfect for the experienced big way enthusiast to hone their skills. We consistently have people from 100 to 10,000 jumps join us for these great 4 days of skydiving.

May-12-2022 to P3 100-Way Camp (May 2022)
May-15-2022 Perris, CA -- The 100-Way Training Camp is the perfect follow-up to the Big Way Camp. We usually have between 60 and 100 people. Regardless of the number, all the jumps are designed to be like 100-ways with long formations requiring several waves. If you've done a lot of 100-way+ events, this camp is a great chance for you to stay sharp and current in all the slots. If you haven't done anything that large, you'll be ready to after these 4 days. Each day we'll change the formations and each person's slot. By the end of this week you'll be comfortable going in nearly any slot on a 100-way.

May-19-2022 to P3 Spring Fling (May 2022)
May-22-2022 Perris, CA -- You don't want to miss this one! One challenging, amazing 60ish way formation after another. Single points, sequential, different slots, different jumps, nonstop fun. In 2018 we completed so many incredible formations in just 4 days!! Slots are limited.

Jun-23-2022 to P3 Power Play (June 2022)
Jun-26-2022 Perris, CA -- P3 invites qualified FS skydivers to join the P3 Team for more of the incredibly challenging and visually exciting jumps that the Power Play is known for!

Oct-10-2022 to Total Break Sequential 150-Way World Record 2022
Oct-14-2022 Perris, CA -- After an AMAZING 130Way Total Break Sequential World Record event in October 2019 followed by the disappointment of postponed events in 2020 & 2021, we are FINALLY planning to break this record in 2022! There is ample time to train at the many sequential camps and invitational events around the world and prepare to join Patrick Passe, Milko Hodgkinson and P3 for the TBS 150Way at Skydive Perris! We hope to see you there!