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Above All Else

Total Break Sequential - Episode 1

** The TBS150 WORLD RECORD has been POSTPONED **
NEW DATES: OCTOBER 10-14, 2022

Join us this October 4-7 for the 2021 replacement event "TBS Episode 1!"

Unfortunately the world has not opened up as quickly as needed for us to with confidence hold the Total Break Sequential 150-Way World Record event as planned for October 2021. However, we were all so excited about getting together and doing some great jumps that we have decided to still hold an event which will allow us to organize it without all of the requirements necessary to the success of a World Record event, and which will give us more flexibility for its organization and more time for participants to commit.

The theme of the event will be Total Break Sequential skydives because we love it so much, because the level will be there to go for it on each jump, and because it will allow us to prepare for the TBS150 that will take place next year.


  • This event IS HAPPENING alongside and in support of the 2021 Skydiving Hall of Fame festivities.
  • The potential for international travel restrictions have made it impossible for us to plan any kind of record this year. But we will use this event to practice and train doing TBS jumps in preparation for the TBS150 next year.
  • All the jumps will be Total Break Sequential starting with 32 to 42 ways and building throughout the week.
  • The TBS EPISODE 1 jumps will include jumpers who we know have the skills and experience to be selected for the TBS150 World Record Event in 2022 and others who are being strongly considered.
  • Simultaneously, we will also be holding a TBS CAMP for jumpers who have shown the potential to be on the record but haven't yet demonstrated they are ready and will benefit more from a TBS Camp. The TBS Camp is not a big way camp. All the TBS Camp participants must have the skill to consistently and smoothly build the formations so we have time to do total break sequential. It is possible that jumpers at the camp who are doing a superb job in every slot we put them in could be moved to the TBS Episode 1 group.

We don't know if all people will be allowed to travel in October. Because of this it is very difficult for us and you to make definite plans. This is a large part of why it has taken this long to come up with the plan and why the plan leaves us room to improvise if travel is restricted.

SLOTS ARE STILL AVAILABLE! If you wish to be considered FOR EITHER GROUP (TBS Episode 1 or TBS Camp), you must apply for the TBS Episode 1 event online via the link below even if travel restrictions do not yet allow you to commit 100%. Pricing and other details will be announced soon.

Dates: October 4th - October 7th, 2021
This is a Monday through Thursday.

Location: Perris, CA
Please refer to the drop zone website for information about local camping, bunkhouse, and nearby hotels: www.skydiveperris.com/facilities.aspx (click on "Bunkhouse & IHOP" or "Travel & Accomodations").

Price: $1070 USD for 16 jumps (subject to a potential fuel surcharge*).
All jumps will be multiple aircraft formations, most jumps will be made from altitudes ranging between 15,000' to 18,000' AGL using oxygen. This cost also INCLUDES video and still photographs of the dives. High resolution images will be available upon request.

* The stated event price is based on fuel prices as of October 2020. If fuel prices increase significantly between October and May, P3 may be forced to add a FUEL SURCHARGE to the price of the event.

Deposit Required: $350 USD, once your application is accepted, is required in advance to secure your slot. This deposit will be applied towards the total event price. The balance of $720 is due prior to 8:00am on Day 1 of the event.

Payment Methods Accepted:

  • Cash
  • Zelle Transfer - Use recipient address events@p3skydiving.com.
  • Traveler's Checks - Make payable to P3 Skydiving. Must be signed by you in both signature locations upon check-in.
  • Personal Check or Bank Check - Funds must be in US$ drawn on a US bank, no exceptions. Make payable to P3 Skydiving and mail to PO Box 418, Perris, CA 92572 USA.
  • Credit/Debit Card - A 3.5% transaction fee will be added to all credit card transactions, as well as any debit card transactions under $100 USD. There is no fee for debit card transactions over $100 USD. All credit/debit transactions are processed by PVAS.
    visa mc amex discover
  • Wire Transfer - You are responsible for all fees charged by BOTH banking institutions (sending and receiving). Inquire with Jen Domenico events@p3skydiving.com for banking information.

Start Time: 8:00am on October 4th.
Please be registered, waivered, gear checked and ready to jump at this time. Please make your travel arrangements accordingly. Start times for subsequent days will be announced at the end of the preceding day.

Release Time: 6:00pm on October 7th.
Please make your travel arrangements accordingly. If you have to leave early on October 7th, be aware that you will pay for the entire day regardless for how many jumps you made.

Cancellation & Refund Policy: If you cannot honor your commitment to this event and you cancel within 30 days of the event start date, a $350 USD registration fee may be retained and the remainder of your deposit will be refunded. If you cancel prior to 14 days before the event, your deposit will be fully refunded.

What do I need to bring? Current USPA (or recognized aero club) membership card, photo identification (driver’s license or passport), signed logbook, and ALL JUMPSUITS and/or WEIGHTS -- or an empty weight belt if you plan to rent weights from Gold State Gear -- and/or SWEATSHIRTS to ensure your best performance in each skydive regardless of the fall rate. Also, needless to say, please be sure your reserve is in date.

Questions or concerns about your qualifications can be addressed to Patrick Passe: patrickpasse@free.fr or Dan BC: danbc@skydiveperris.com.

If you have technical issues with your application, contact Jen Domenico: events@p3skydiving.com

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